Phi Ta Khon Festival Loei Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Phi Ta Khon Festival Loei

Phi Ta Khon Festival Loei Thailand Travel GuidePhi Ta Khon Festival in the Dan Sai District of Loei is part of a three-day festival known as Bun Pra Wet, celebrated in the sixth lunar month. There will be processions of Buddhist images, locals wearing traditional masks, plus a Phi Ta Khon Dance Contest in the town of Dan Sai. Tomorrow there will be a sermon on Lord Buddha at Phonchai temple and people dressed in colourful costumes will assemble at the temple to make merit.

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The River Wild Phetchaburi Thailand Travel Guide

The River Wild Phetchaburi Thailand Travel Guide Classification of white water rafting Level 1: Clear, wide channels with small waves. No obstructions or hazards. Children can enjoy this level. Level 2: Waves are slightly larger and more frequent but no obstructions or hazards. Families can still enjoy the activity together. Level 3: Waves go up to four feet in height. Expect some obstructions, but not too many. Level 4: Difficult with large frequent waves and obstructions. Level 5: Large frequent waves which are often unavoidable. Technical rapids with many hazards and obstructions present. Level 6: The upper limit of navigation is attempted only by crazy people. White water rafting rivers in Thailand are mainly categorised in the level 2-5.

Landscape for Immortals Chaiyaphum Thailand Travel Guide

Landscape for Immortals Chaiyaphum Thailand Travel Guide Thep Sathit, literally translated as a place where divinity resides, sounds like an attractive place for mortals to live, as well the everlasting. A district in Chaiyaphum, Thep Sathit never seems to appear on the tourist map, except in the rainy season when spells of rain spur the wild curcuma to bloom into life. Near to a carpet of krachieo, which blankets the forest floor during this season, visitors are usually delighted to find a private home that has been transformed into a vineyard and is open to the public at no cost. The Thep Sathit Vineyard belongs to Mongkol Sithamma, a native of Korat. Visitors should not expect a vineyard with modern wine making facilities. At the site there are only simple props: a country-style reception area amid the greenery overlooking a hill and valley, and plots of a vineyard. And if you are thirsty after a walk through the vineyard, grape juice can be bought to quench your thirst.

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