History on the Doorstep Ayutthaya Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide History on the Doorstep Ayutthaya

History on the Doorstep Ayutthaya Thailand Travel Guide The first stop on the tour was one of the most impressive. The temple was a stunning building and Tui recalled how the last time he brought an Italian photographer who was so captivated with the temple landscape, that he immediately fired off two rolls of film. A devastated vihara which stands with a brick wall is garnished with a principal Buddha image. It is no wonder why the temple is such a big attraction. We then moved on to Wat Lok Kaya Sutharam.Over the Lop Buri River, we crossed and proceeded to the King Naresuan Monument and Wat Phukhao Thong. It was a long ride that took us onto a highway to Angthong. We passed a reservoir that is a favourite relaxation spot for local people. It is said that in past times, Ayutthaya residents rowed their boats to the area during the flooding season. The original land was a flood plain. At times of war between Ayutthaya and the Burmese, the latter had to retreat their army when the flooding season arrived.

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Rally to Thung Hin Turn Nakhon Sawan Thailand Travel Guide

Rally to Thung Hin Turn Nakhon Sawan Thailand Travel Guide Calling all rally fans! Get into gear now for the rally to Thung Hin Turn in Nakhon Sawan being held on July 20. The TAT rally, which is part of its Nakhon Sawan Year campaign, leaves Nakhon Sawan Town Hall at 8am and travels along the route toward Thung Hin Turn in Chumtabong subdistrict, Mae- wong district and Mae Pern subdistrict. The caravan finishes at Mor Chang Yai Resort. Thung Hin Turn, a highlight along the route, is famed for its amazing rock formations set in a field in Chumtabong district. For details, contact Nakhon Sawan Provincial Office at 056-22-0262 or TAT Central Region Office 7 at 036-422-768/9 or fax 036-424-089

Wet and Wild Nan Thailand Travel Guide

Wet and Wild Nan Thailand Travel GuideThe remote province of Nan in the north of Thailand is known as an oasis of calm and tranquility. Nan culture remains prevalent in the area and it has remained largely unscathed from the influences of the outside world. Despite the peacefulness of the area, the region's stunning nature offers adventure seekers the opportunity to take part in a variety of exciting sports that belie the province's sleepy image. Nan is among the last provinces most Thai people would think of when they plan an adventure trip. And if you mentioned the Wa river, the majority of people would be hard pressed to place it on a map. Difficult access has kept this wild river relatively unknown to all but the most enthusiastic adventurers. Though some may have experienced rafting at a lower level of the river where the rapids are not so difficult, very few have seen the upper and middle levels of the waterway.

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